Automotive wireless solution

In-vehicle wireless charger

The best wireless car charger for smartphones

In-Vehicle Wireless Charger

– 15 W charging capabilities
– Positioning freedom with a three-array power transfer coils for the best user experience
– Compatible with the Qi 1.2.2 Standard
– Enhanced Foreign Object Detection (FOD) – detect objects before the power transfer
– Wide input operating voltage (6-30V)
– Enhanced power supply to ensure wireless charging during crank
– Rugged overvoltage and ESD Protection
– Fully compliant with CISPR-25
– Selectable communicating interface including CAN, LIN & RS-232 protocols
– Easily Customizable Charging status LED and sound indicator
– Fixed frequency power transfer for the best compatibility with the vehicle environment

Wireless Charger Advanced Features

Unique User ID recognition
Automatic actions (customize vehicle settings, force Bluetooth pairing, launch apps
Low latency remote control and mirroring
– no need of Android Auto license
– infinite number of apps available
– full and fluid control of the phone from the car infotainment
Selective notifications
– Compatible with Facebook, Whatsapp, Emails, Snapchat, Linkedin, Telegram, Hangout, SMS, …
– Hide notifications from undesired contacts during the car trip

Wireless Data over Power

Connect and Supply I/O, Sensors, Actuators
Patented Data Channel over Power
Supply and connect I/O, Sensors and Actuators
– No wear or oxidation of contacts
– No issues of wiring on rotating / moving parts
– No issues of hostile environment

Unique Features
– Pantented simultaneous Power & Data Transmission
– Reliable / deterministic for safety critical signals (airbag, movable gearshift paddles, …)
– Cibersecurity friendly – no antennas able to radiate signals that can be sniffed by hackers

CES 2017 – Eggtronic and IDT

Presented at CES 2017 – Eggtronic & IDT joint development