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Presented at CES 2018, capacitive technology is the revolutionary idea of an Italian startup able to supply and connect wirelessly, at super-speed and increased efficiency TVs, laptops, home appliance, cars and billions of electronic devices.

Modern electronics surprises us with incredibly high performances and increasingly new features. By contrast, power electronics remains the bottleneck of our devices, with bulky and polluting power supplies and cords, since the few and clumsy attempts made to introduce conventional inductive wireless technology did not solve major issues in transferring power or data.

Capacitive wireless technology is the idea of reinventing power electronics and make it totally wireless, ecological and increasingly efficient. Invented by Eggtronic, it is one of the most surprising novelties showcased at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

“We worked for years and invested millions of dollars to develop capacitive technology, protected by more than 45 international patents, and now we can show some of the incredible results we reached” said Igor Spinella, CEO and Founder of Eggtronic.

Embedded in working demos showcased at CES, this capacitive technology is able to make power adapters five times smaller and lighter: a 120W laptop now is supplied by a tiny adapter as small as a matchbox, more efficient than any conventional adapter, able to reduce heat loss by half, scalable up to Datacenters power supplies, thus saving tons of energy.

The same technology is used in a slightly modified version to supply and connect wirelessly, safely and with total position freedom a 4K UHD television, through an invisible layer hidden inside the furniture.

“This is the proof that we are able to transfer high power wirelessly, up to thousands of Watts, supplying TVs, laptops, home appliance and every other device” adds Mr Spinella.

Not only high power, the capacitive technology is able to transfer wireless data over power at Gbps bandwidth, ten times faster than Wi-Fi. To show the versatility of the capacitive technology, it was also embedded into an automotive demo, creating the most exciting car infotainment ever seen, a totally new wireless car experience where the capacitive technology is the backbone of a seamless integration between the smartphone and the car.

“There is a nonstop flow of possibilities coming from the revolutionary capacitive technology” continued Mr Spinella. “We now start addressing the $50 billions power supply market but the possible venues are virtually infinite.”

Eggtronic is launching a new funding round to boost the development of the first commercially available capacitive products, which already created excitement among the most important retail distributors in the USA.

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