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From June 5 to 7 Eggtronic was attending the world’s leading exhibition and conference for power electronics to present its developments to representatives and researches from all over the world.

Nuremberg, 8 June 2018 – At PCIM Europe 2018, Eggtronic was able to show the great strides it made and underline the current state of knowledge it achieved within the field of power conversion and WPT, underlying its significant differentiation from the competitive landscape and emphasizing how its projects can fill a hole in the existing research.

The PCIM (Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion) is one of the leading exhibitions for power electronics and its applications. Eggtronic deals daily with power electronics bringing high performance technology to everyday devices. Our last solution in the field of power conversion is the world’s first isolated transformerless AC/DC adapter with incredible efficiency and power density, developed thanks to advanced research into capacitively coupled converters.

GaN System is supporting Eggtronic in the development of this innovative capacitive power adapter, which is already achieving resounding success worldwide. The 70W AC/DC power adapter is incredibly efficient (up to 95% efficiency) and small-sized, features allowed by VHF and capacitive isolation.

Simultaneously, Eggtronic wireless power transfer solutions were showcased at Tektronix booth, where Eggtronic was able to show how quickly and efficiently it can charge and supply electronic devices through both inductive and capacitive technologies: on the one hand, Eggtronic 15W wireless charging automotive board and Data over Power TX and RX modules adopting the standard inductive WPT; on the other hand Eggtronic patented technology favoring a more efficient, modular and position free WPT.

This year’s exhibition was a highly successful and valuable one. Eggtronic succeeded in amazing participants and potential customers with the endless applications of its technology.

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