Embrace a revolutionary technology, to overcome the limits of induction technology, bringing isolated power conversion and wireless power transfer to a new era.

High power density, low power consumption, low cost, safe isolation barrier, positioning freedom, high efficiency, wireless power transfer and high speed data transfer. These are just few features of Eggtronic capacitive technology, that will bring great advantages in many different application fields.

Sirius 65W

Universal Laptop and Smart Device Charger

The smallest and most portable design in the world

CapTX adapter
Powerful - 65W

To charge all models of smartphones and other devices, included most laptop  models


Extremely small size and high power density. Take it with you wherever you go.

High power efficiency
Higher than 97% for industrial application, 95% for consumer applications
With the USB-C output can be used to charge and supply all kind of devices

CapTX is very flexible and scalable in terms of output power level, from few Watts for embedded applications, up to several kW suitable for industrial applications and data centers. Watch the video to discover more.

CapTX is also perfect for consumer applications. With the USB-C output and many different interchangeable tips it can supply the vast majority of laptops, including latest Apple MacBooks, and smartphones.

Wireless Applications

We are developing a technology able to change forever the world of Wireless Power Transfer.

Capacitive wireless technology has countless applications, from consumer electronics to home appliances, from industrial applications to in-vehicle automotive solutions, and many others.

Capacitive power transfer can be a key element everywhere there is the need to get rid of power/data cables and connectors in harsh environments or moving parts. Applications can be divided mainly in: one-on-one; rotating parts; one-on-many.

capacitive_wireless one-on-one 1.
capacitive_wireless 1a. rotating parts
capacitive_wireless 2. one-on-many

1. one-on-one

How it works

One-on-one solution means that a receiving device, equipped with two receiving plates, is placed on a transmitter in a fixed position. It can be guided with rails or with magnetic alignment. When the devices are close together, the receiving device is powered and connected with the transmitting device. They transfer data at extremely high speed. It is possibile to place different devices on the same transmitter, they can be recognized by their unique ID. It can be used in substitution of inductive wireless charging solutions, but it guarantees much more power and the possibility of transfer data at high speed. More efficient, more practical, reduced cost are other advantages of capacitive solution instead of inductive technology.

How it works

Tablet on a machine

A practical example of this application is a tablet placed on an industrial machine or vehicle. The receiving device fits perfectly in the housing, it is powered and allows the user to interface with the machine. It allows to pilot the machine exchanging data at extremely high speed. This solution guarantees required safety for all the machines that require the user presence to work. With user ID recognition, different tablets can be placed on the machine, unique user settings are loaded, users with different permissions can uses specific functionalities.


1a. rotating parts

How it works

Capacitive technology can be used not only on flat surfaces and fixed parts, but also in rotating and moving parts. The transmitter is in a fixed position, on the axis of a rotating part. The rotating or moving part is equipped with the receiving plates. This way the rotating part is powered and connected during its movement, without being obstructed by the wiring. As for the one-on-one solution, also this one can be used in substitution of inductive wireless charging solutions, ensuring more power and the possibility of transfer data at high speed.

How it works

Car wheels and steering wheel

Two practical applications of this solution are the car wheels and steering wheel. It’s perfect to supply and connect every I/O, sensor and actuator on the steering wheel and the tires to the car. This helps car manufacturers solve big issues, such as wear and oxidation of contacts, wiring on rotating and moving parts (allowing total rotational freedom). Since the parts are powered and connected wirelessly, transmitter and receiver can also be sealed, avoiding damages due to hostile environments.


2. one-on-many

How it works

It means that a receiving device, equipped with two receiving plates, is placed on a transmitting surface. The transmitter is a thin layer, composed by a grid of several plates. Only the plates where is placed the receiving device are activated. This solution ensures total positioning freedom, in every point of the surface. On the surface can be powered several devices simultaneously. The transmitting surface communicates with the receiving devices, ensuring the power needed. The surface supports all the possible power levels, with precise power regulating system. The devices placed on the surface can be interconnected, exchanging data at high speed. This solution can be embedded in any kind of surface, including pieces of furniture, walls, floors and vehicle interiors.

How it works

Industrial machine rail

A practical example of this technology is a rail of an industrial machine. The fixed part of the machine has embedded the transmitting plates along the entire rail surface. The mobile part of the machine has integrated the receiving plates, placed in a way that they are in contact with the transmitting plates. When the mobile part slide along the rail, it activates the transmitting plates, it is powered and it communicates with the machine. This solution can be applied not only on rails, but also in any other flat surfaces and planes.

The first demo previewed at CES 2018 is a desk embedding the capacitive technology to wirelessly supply a 50" 4K television with total positioning freedom over the whole top surface. Watch the video to discover more.


Cybersecurity, free positioning, high speed wireless data and high power output. These are just few of the features of Eggtronic Capacitive technology.

High efficiency

Capacitive wireless power transfer is not affected by losses typical of inductive systems


Zero emissions

The field is strictly confined between TX and RX plates. EM emissions are reduced to zero


Free positioning

Charge your devices with total positioning freedom everywhere on the surface


High robustness

The matrix-based layout allows the system to work even if one or more plates are damaged



More than 1 W/mm² wireless power density, many times more than the best inductive wireless technology. Transfer more power in a smaller surface.


Data transfer

The high data transfer speed is comparable to the fastest wired buses currently available on the market. Up to 10 Gbps (3x times faster than best-class Wi-Fi).


Slim and compact

Reduced volume, the transmitter circuit is very simple and compact. Plates are extremely thin (<100 μm), easily embeddable in table desks, walls and other surfaces.

Capacitive VS InductiveInductive Capacitive
Power transfer (up to 15 W) V V
Data transfer (up to 10kbps) V V
Fast data transfer X V
Zero EM emissions X V
High power transfer X V
High efficiency X V
High robustness X V
Total positioning freedom* X V
*Partial positioning freedom developed for ad hoc solutions, total positioning freedom to be developed.

The technology

The key to success is the electric field in place of the magnetic field in both isolated power converters and wireless charger.

Every transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) device has at least two very thin metal plates that give rise to capacitive coupling when TX and RX get close enough one to another.


Energy is transferred by the electric field confined in the capacitive conductive plates. The basic working principle consists in the fact that charges in the transmitting plate attract charges of the opposite sign on the receiving plate. Thus continuously changing the polarity of the signal across the TX plates and repeating this operation at very high frequency we get very consistent energy transfer.

Eggtronic developed a resonant converter able to work at very high frequency with low losses, and a rectifier that turns a tough-to-manage high frequency AC voltage into a perfectly stable DC voltage to charge any devices.


More than 40 international patents granted protect this unique technology invented and developed by Eggtronic.


Coils - Magnetic Field


Capacitors - Electric Field