High-Power Resonant AC/DC Converter

ClassEgg is the EcoVoltas architecture for high-power applications that require Power Factor Correction (PFC).

ClassEgg is a Zero Voltage Switching resonant architecture that has been designed to offer a single-stage converter able to act both as PFC and isolated regulator, improving efficiency dramatically in comparison with traditional boost PFC + LLC resonant converters.

ClassEgg efficiency is at a maximum in the range from 50% to 100% load. For this reason, this architecture is best suited to high-power PSUs for servers, large home appliances and electric and hybrid vehicles.



Eggtronic patented resonant topology

Hybrid inductive-capacitive coupling

Hybrid non dissipative rectifier-regulator

ZVS always guaranteed

Weak-coupling transformer (k < 1)

SiC devices preferred


Higher overall efficiency (lower ohmic losses and ZVS)

Strongly reduced BOM

Easy driving of low-side MOSFET at high frequency

Lower overall cost

Extremely compact solution

Better EMI performances

Smaller EMI filter