CapTX - Universal Power Adapter

CapTX is the smallest, high power density universal AC/DC adapter in the world.
CapTX adapter
Powerful - 65W

To charge all models of smartphones and other devices, included most laptop  models


Extremely small size and high power density. Take it with you wherever you go.

High power efficiency
Higher than 97% for industrial application, 95% for consumer applications
With the USB-C output can be used to charge and supply all kind of devices

CapTX universal power adapter is first of a kind technology to use capacitive coupling to deliver 65W of power in a pocket-sized form factor.

CapTX is an elegant and modern power adapter applied to a minimalistic sized design. Featuring a soft touch finish with silver finished edging. Its compact size makes it a practical and functional power adapter by contrast to todays conventional bulky and “brick” style designs. The USB Type-C PD output ensures universal compatibility, and allows to use CapTX with any device supporting this technology including laptops, smartphones, action cameras, drones, bluetooth speakers, and much more.

CapTX is 5x times smaller than a classic laptop charger

Unlike traditional conventional AC to DC converters that rely on transformers, the isolation barrier is guaranteed by capacitive coupling which translates in a smaller, more efficient and cost effective solution.

The patented topology and its building blocks are able to work at very high frequency, making it possible to further reduce its size


CapTX is very flexible and scalable in terms of output power level, from few Watts for embedded applications, up to several kW suitable for industrial applications and data centers. Watch the video to discover more.

CapTX is also perfect for consumer applications. With the USB-C output and many different interchangeable tips it can supply the vast majority of laptops, including latest Apple MacBooks, and smartphones.