Eggtronic engineers carry out an intense research activity in the fields of wireless charging and data transfer and in the fields of small-sized, highly-efficient and eco-friendly power supplies, with extraordinary great results.


Eggtronic laboratories are equipped with the most advanced RF electronics instruments and machineries, that allows us to be at the forefront of technological innovation and research.

Our engineers are always working to develop frontier technologies that can revolutionize electronics world, thanks to huge investments allocated by Eggtronic for research activities in the field of sustainable and eco-friendly RF electronics.


The technologies we are researching will make every table, desktop, house and office walls and any other surface able to wirelessly charge and interconnect smartphones, computers and laptops, tablets, TVs, hard drives and all kind of electronic devices. Theese technologies will be extremely powerful, ultra-fast and efficient, without creating unnecessary and annoying clutter of cables.

We cut the cord for a wireless world!