Energy Storage

Power Converters for Energy Storage

Battery-based energy storage, as well as other ways to store energy (pumped hydroelectric, compressed air, flywheels, etc) is more and more important in every modern device and system, from small consumer electronics to electric and hybrid vehicles, up to smart grid and renewable energy infrastructure.

Power converters are the backbone of every energy storage system where they are used to handle the bidirectional flow of energy to and from the storage system.

Traditionally, power converters for energy storage are well-known architectures with limitations in terms of efficiency, performance, cost and size.

From 10W to 10+ kW, Eggtronic’s converters for energy storage are able to both increase energy efficiency and to reduce component counts, delivering world-leading features and performance in a field which is fundamental for achieving global carbon neutrality and for delivering cost-effective devices.


  • Single direction and bi-directional battery chargers:
    • AC input battery chargers (CC/CV or custom charge algorithms)
    • DC input battery chargers (CC/CV or custom charge algorithms)
  • Regenerative battery forming converters:
    • Able to perform the initial charge/discharge operation to ensure high-performance long-lasting battery cells
    • Energy-efficient regenerative forming power converter
  • Custom ICs for battery-powered devices, including:
    • USB + Qi wireless input
    • Multiple DC output
    • Battery management


  • DC/AC high-efficiency inverters from 500W to 10kW
  • Solutions for smart grid
  • All-in-one single-stage inverter + UPS
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