Eggtronic Appoints Excelpoint Systems to Support Rapidly Growing Demand in the Asia Pacific region

Agreement will deliver sales, logistics and support for advanced power technologies.

Modena, Italy, 3rd December 2022 – In line with its strategy of delivering high-quality local support to OEMs across multiple geographies, Eggtronic has announced the appointment of Excelpoint Systems as a franchised distributor for the Asia Pacific region.

Offering extensive coverage in China, ANZ, India and the ASEAN countries, Excelpoint has built a strong reputation in partnering with OEMs, ODMs and EMS companies to provide high-quality sales, logistics and support. As a franchised distributor, Excelpoint will play a key role in addressing the rapidly growing demand for Eggtronic’s portfolio of highly innovative power technologies. These technologies include solutions for ultra-efficient AC/DC power conversion architectures and wireless power transfer (WPT). In China, all products will be supported, while in Asean countries, India, Australia and New Zealand, Excelpoint will support the Eggtronic WPT range.

Eggtronic’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Michael Maia, comments: “We have seen a steadily growing need for our ultra-efficient and compact power conversion solutions across the Asia-Pacific region as manufacturers seek technologies to build more sustainable products that make better use of energy. We are excited to partner with Excelpoint to address that demand and ensure that customers get the best possible local sales, logistics and support for their innovative, next-generation designs.”

Managing Director of Excelpoint Systems (H.K.) Limited, Alan Tan adds: “Excelpoint works closely with its principals to create solutions that address customer design challenges and we are excited to be able to add Eggtronic’s advanced power technologies to our product line card, as well as give companies easier access to Eggtronic’s innovative power architectures. We are delighted to work together with Eggtronic as the company expands its reach across the Asia Pacific region.”

About Eggtronic

Eggtronic has been revolutionizing the world of power converters and wireless power since 2012. Based in San Francisco, Modena, Italy, Taipei, Taiwan, and Guangzhou, China, Eggtronic develops cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient technologies, with more than 240 international patents granted worldwide. 2020 saw the launch of the new ICs division that has been producing its first microchips since 2021. Whether through B2B partnerships in the consumer, automotive, or industrial fields, or for everyday consumers, Eggtronic invents revolutionary power technologies to make modern life easier, more efficient and more connected.

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About Excelpoint Systems:

Excelpoint is a leading regional electronics components distributor providing quality electronic components, engineering design services and supply chain management to original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”), ODMs and electronics manufacturing services (“EMS”) in the Asia Pacific region. Established in 1987 and headquartered in Singapore, Excelpoint’s business presence spans more than 10 countries across Asia Pacific with a workforce of more than 700 people from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

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Eggtronic与世健签署代理协议 以支持亚太区业务的快速发展


意大利,摩德纳,[日期] – ,Eggtronic 宣布Excelpoint世健成为其亚太区授权代理商, 以配合其为更广泛地区的原设备生产商(OEMs)提供本地化高质量支持的战略。

Excelpoint世健的业务广泛覆盖中国、澳大利亚、印度和东盟国家。多年来,世健为 该区域内的原设备生产商(OEMs)、原设计生产商(ODMs)和电子制造服务提供 商(EMS)持续提供高质量的销售、物流和技术支持,建立了良好的声誉。作为一家 亚太区领先的授权代理商,世健将发挥关键作用,全力支持 Eggtronic高度创新的电源 产品组合的快速增长需求,包括用于超高效 AC/DC 电源转换架构和无线电源传输 (WPT) 的解决方案等。在中国,世健将支持Eggtronic全系列产品;在东盟国家、印 度、澳大利亚和新西兰,世健将支持 Eggtronic WPT系列。

Eggtronic 销售和市场副总裁Michael Maia表示:“我们看到亚太地区对Eggtronic超 高效、紧凑型电源转换解决方案的需求在稳步增长。这是因为制造商在寻找能生产出 更具可持续性产品的技术, 从而能更有效地利用能源。我们很兴奋能与世健合作,一起 回应这些需求,确保客户在下一代创新设计上获得更优质的本地化销售、物流和技术 支持服务。”

世健系统(香港)有限公司董事总经理陈稔中补充道:“世健与供应商一直紧密协作,持续创造崭新的解决方案,帮助客户应对设计过程中遇到的挑战。我们很高兴 Eggtronic先进的电源产品能加入到世健的产品线当中,让广大客户今后可以更方便地 使用 Eggtronic的创新电源架构。同时,我们期待着与Eggtronic紧密合作,助力其扩 展亚太区的业务。”


自 2012 年以来,Eggtronic一直致力于变革电源转换器和无线电源的世界。Eggtronic总部位于意大利 摩德纳,在美国旧金山、中国广州和台北设有办事处。Eggtronic开发的尖端环保节能技术,在全球范围 内获得超过300项国际专利。2020 年,Eggtronic成立了全新的 IC 部门,自2021年起着力研发 Eggtronic首块芯片。通过消费、汽车及工业等领域的B2B合作伙伴以及C端客户,Eggtronic 革命性的电 源技术让现代生活更加轻松、高效、互联。


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Excelpoint世健是亚太区领先的电子元器件分销商,能为亚太地区的电子厂商,包括原设备生产商 (OEMs)、原设计生产商(ODMs)和电子制造服务提供商(EMS)提供优质的元器件、工程设计及供 应链管理服务。 Excelpoint 世健成立于 1987 年,总部位于新加坡,业务遍及亚太地区十多个国家,拥 有700 多名来自不同国家和文化背景的员工。

Ms Phuay Li Ying
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