Eggtronic Showcases Innovative AC/DC and Wireless Power Solutions at PowerUP Expo 2022

Participation at AspenCore’s virtual conference highlights technologies that deliver high efficiency from no-load to full-load.

Modena, Italy, 16th June 2022 – Power conversion controller specialist Eggtronic has announced that the company will be showcasing its innovative AC/DC power conversion and wireless power transfer solutions at AspenCore’s forthcoming PowerUP EXPO 2022 virtual conference and exhibition.

Taking place from 28th – 30th June, PowerUP EXPO brings together a virtual exhibition with online keynotes, panel discussions, technical presentations and tutorials covering major technical trends, market requirements and applications relevant to the power sector. This year’s event will focus on three main topics: Wide bandgap devices, applications and system solutions; renewable energy and the smart grid; and low power innovations including energy harvesting and wireless power transfer.

Based on proprietary zero voltage switching (ZVS) designs that use the company’s ultra-efficient EcoVoltas controller technology, Eggtronic’s innovative designs deliver smaller and higher efficiency wired and wireless power converters, power adapters and power chargers. During the PowerUP Expo visitors to the company’s virtual booth will be able to find out about AC/DC solutions for ratings from 20W to over 1kW that provide more efficient, lower component count alternatives to conventional QR, ACF and boost PFC + LLC architectures.

The company will also showcase inductive wireless power transfer technologies capable of operating from 15W to 10kW and a ‘proof-of-concept’ capacitive wireless technology that combines high-power transfer with total positional freedom.

“PowerUP is a perfect forum for engineers looking to find out about state-of-the-art power designs,” says Igor Spinella, Eggtronic’s founder and CEO. “Visitors to our virtual booth will discover alternatives to conventional power conversion and wireless technologies that improve power density, reduce complexity, drive down system cost and are ultimately better for the planet.”

Maurizio di Paolo Emilio, the editor of AspenCore’s Power Electronics News (PEN), adds: “The world’s industries are becoming increasingly dependent on power electronics technologies to improve solution efficiency. It is revolutionizing the world’s energy systems with the goal of being greener.

"In energy-saving applications as well as all high-voltage industrial applications, power devices play a critical role in ensuring that global economies can efficiently cut carbon dioxide emissions even while energy demand is growing.

"PowerUP wishes to provide an opportunity to share the most updated developments and upcoming challenges in several markets where efficiency is the watchword. Major leaders in the power electronics industry will gather to present ideas, new solutions in low power and wide bandgap technologies, roadmaps, and future breakthroughs.”

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About Eggtronic

Eggtronic has been revolutionizing the world of power converters and wireless power since 2012. Based in San Francisco, Modena, Italy, Taipei, Taiwan, and Guangzhou, China, Eggtronic develops cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient technologies, with more than 240 international patents granted worldwide. 2020 saw the launch of the new ICs division that has been producing its first microchips since 2021. Whether through B2B partnerships in the consumer, automotive, or industrial fields, or for everyday consumers, Eggtronic invents revolutionary power technologies to make modern life easier, more efficient and more connected.

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