Eggtronic Showcases the Future of Sustainable Power at CES 2023

Theme of ‘Revolutionary Power Electronics for a Better Planet’ Demonstrates More Efficient Alternatives to Conventional AC/DC and Wireless Power.

Modena, Italy, 3rd December 2022 – At CES 2023, Eggtronic will be showcasing power conversion and wireless power controllers that address demands for more sustainable energy use and higher performance from products with ever-smaller form factors.

In line with the company’s theme of ‘Revolutionary Power Electronics for a Better Planet’, Eggtronic’s demonstration area at The Venetian (Suite 29-310) will feature mixed signal controllers that dramatically reduce component count while improving the power density and efficiency of AC/DC converters and wireless power designs. These include architectures with superior no-load to full-load efficiency, complete solutions with fewer conversion stages, and wireless charging technologies that extend power transfer range while operating with the same efficiency as wired applications.

Among the technologies on show will be QuarEgg® and SmartEgg® zero voltage switching (ZVS) designs that provide more efficient, higher power density alternatives to quasi-resonant (QR),active clamp flyback (ACF) and boost PFC+LLC technologies in non-PFC and PFC applications with power ratings from 20W to >500W.

Wireless charging innovations on display include state-of-the-art Qi and E2Watt®, an AC wireless power hybrid technology that provides similar performance to wired solutions and offers the potential to extend wireless powering and charging to laptops, AV equipment, home appliances and even electric vehicles.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see the latest family of EPIC® power conversion controllers that have been specifically designed for high-performance power converters and wireless power transmitters and receivers.

“Eggtronic’s patented semiconductors and architectures are re-defining the future of efficient, sustainable and cost-effective wired and wireless power across a variety of consumer applications and beyond,” says company founder and CEO, Igor Spinella. “As the most influential tech event in the world, CES is the perfect forum for demonstrating these solutions to the innovators who will be creating the next generations of high-performance, ultra-efficient applications.”

About Eggtronic

Eggtronic has been revolutionizing the world of power converters and wireless power since 2012. Based in San Francisco, Modena, Italy, Taipei, Taiwan, and Guangzhou, China, Eggtronic develops cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient technologies, with more than 240 international patents granted worldwide. 2020 saw the launch of the new ICs division that has been producing its first microchips since 2021. Whether through B2B partnerships in the consumer, automotive, or industrial fields, or for everyday consumers, Eggtronic invents revolutionary power technologies to make modern life easier, more efficient and more connected.

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