Eggtronic Unveils Advanced Power Conversion Architecture for High-Power PFC Applications at CES 2023

Demonstration of patented high-power resonant AC/DC converter solution for ultra-high efficiency in 500W to 10kW applications.

Las Vegas, USA, 3rd January 2023 – Eggtronic has launched a high-performance AC/DC converter technology that provides industry-leading efficiency, reduced component count and improved EMI performance in high-power applications requiring power factor correction (PFC). The technology, known as ClassEgg®, is being demonstrated for the first time at CES 2023.

Derived from the traditional boost PFC + LLC resonant power converter, ClassEgg is a patented, Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) converter implementation that drives down losses in high-power applications. It improves the conventional boost PFC by taking advantage of a proprietary magnetic component to ensure ZVS, lower EMI and reduced component count, offering performance higher than interleaved solutions at the cost of a standard boost PFC.

In addition, ClassEgg offers better performance and lower component count than standard LLC resonant converters, thanks to a patented rectifier and control algorithm that ensures multiple regulated outputs and high efficiency simultaneously.

The result is a ‘combo’ boost PFC + LLC controller that combines simplicity and low bill of materials (BOM) with guaranteed efficient operation across a wide variety of input and output voltages. As extremely good efficiency is delivered between 10% load and full load, ClassEgg is ideal for use in power supplies for TV panels, PCs, servers and large home appliances as well as power conversion in electric and hybrid vehicles and solar panel inverters.

For CES 2023 Eggtronic has developed a demonstration that will give visitors the first chance to see ClassEgg in action. Taking place in Eggtronic’s suite at The Venetian, Suite 29-310, the demonstration, which is based on a dual-output power supply (PSU) for TV panels, shows how the company’s proprietary implementation of boost PFC + LLC stages into a combined controller supports multiple, high-efficiency outputs across a wide load range with minimum component count and cost.

“ClassEgg represents a step forward in combo boost PFC + LLC power design for higher power applications,” says Igor Spinella, Eggtronic’s founder and CEO. “Using ZVS to ensure maximum efficiency across the broadest possible load range, ClassEgg allows developers of next-generation, high-power applications to minimize energy use for sustainable operation while delivering high performance, optimized power densities and simplified EMC design.”


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