High-Power boost PFC + LLC Resonant AC/DC Converter

ClassEgg® is the EcoVoltas architecture for high-power applications that require Power Factor Correction (PFC).

ClassEgg is a proprietary Zero Voltage Switching boost PFC + resonant LLC architecture that has been designed to offer dual regulated outputs and the best efficiency over the entire span of loads, offering a total peak efficiency of >95%, high power density and reduced BOM.

ClassEgg is best suited for high-efficiency PSUs for home appliances, TV panels, servers, computers, and a wide range of applications in consumer, industrial and appliance domains.


High power boost PFC + LLC resonant converter based on ClassEgg architecture controlled by EPIC201ACCD combo controller


  • High Efficiency PFC and Half-Bridge Resonant LLC Combo Controller
  • Multi-mode operation for an extremely flat efficiency curve over the entire operating range
  • Optimized low power mode for enhancing no-load performance and standby power consumption
  • Digital PFC without auxiliary network compensation
  • Programmable dual output
  • Continuous Conduction mode (CCM) with active power factor correction
  • Frequency Jittering for Minimized EMI Signature
  • Customizable Brownout Protection
  • Customizable Overpower protection
  • Integrated Over Temp Protection
  • Over Voltage and Over Current Protections (OVP, OCP)


  • Higher overall efficiency (lower ohmic losses and ZVS)
  • Excellent light load efficiency
  • Reduced BOM
  • Lower overall cost
  • Extremely compact solution
  • Dual output
  • Better EMI performance
  • Smaller EMI filter


EPIC201ACCD (Eggtronic Power Integrated Controller) available to control ClassEgg

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