Single-Stage Zero Voltage Switching PFC and Regulator

SmartEgg® is the EcoVoltas AC/DC architecture for medium-power applications that require Power Factor Correction (PFC).

SmartEgg is perfect for AC/DC power converters that range from 120W to 500W where it achieves high efficiency and high power density with an extremely cost-effective Bill of Materials.

SmartEgg has been designed to offer a single-stage converter able to act both as PFC and isolated regulator, cutting by half the Bill of Materials, increasing power density dramatically and improving efficiency in comparison with traditional boost PFC + LLC resonant converters.

SmartEgg is based on a proprietary magnetic component driven by a GaN half bridge on the primary side.


Single stage PFC + isolated ZVS fixed voltage converter controlled by EPIC1AGS01 primary side controller

Efficiency vs. Load

Note: Comparison done using the same magnetic core
Boost PFC + LLC

Bill of Materials

Thanks to the innovative architecture, SmartEgg needs just a magnetic component for both PFC and regulation functionalities and requires half the number of MOSFETs in comparison with a conventional architecture based on Boost PFC + LLC converter.

This leads to increased power density and extremely cost effective power converters.


  • Single-stage PFC + isolated regulator for 50% BOM reduction
  • Forced Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) under every load condition:
    • Up to 96% efficiency at full load
    • Up to 92% efficiency at light load
  • Weak-coupling transformer (k < 1)
  • Smaller size for up to 30W/in3 power density
  • Available output options:
    • USB Power Delivery (USB PD 3.1)
    • Fixed voltage
    • CC CV battery charger
    • Multiport charger with dynamic balanced output power


SmartEgg evaluation board available —please contact your regional sales office to order evaluation boards. Customer specific prototype designs can be rapidly targeted to various configurations (e.g., 160W PD dual port, 250W fixed output...).

Proprietary magnetic components designed by Eggtronic to meet customer specifications


EPIC1AGS01 (Eggtronic Power Integrated Controller) available to control SmartEgg


Best suited for AC/DC power converters with PFC, to replace conventional Boost PFC + LLC resonant converters.

High-performance / gaming laptop chargers, PCs, Smart TVs, e-bikes, TV panels, hobs, vacuum cleaners, household appliances...

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