Primary Side AC/DC Controller for Single Stage PFC + ZVS Isolated Regulator



EPIC101AGSE01 is a controller based on the proprietary SmartEgg architecture, which makes possible a single-stage converter able to act simultaneously as a power factor correction and isolated regulator.

Best suited for AC/DC power converters with power factor correction, high performance, and high power density.

Dramatic BOM reduction for cost effective converters.

Package, Size and Pins

7mm x 7mm
48 pins

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Key Features

  • Enables single stage PFC + isolated regulator
  • Enables peak efficiency > 94% measured from AC input to DC output
  • Frequency jittering for improved EMI signature
  • Vout overvoltage protection
  • Customizable brown-in/brown-out protection
  • Overcurrent protection

Simplified schematics

Single stage PFC + isolated ZVS fixed voltage converter controlled by EPIC101AGSE01 primary side controller


  • 150W nominal output power
  • Size (uncased) 80 x 62 x 28.2 mm3
  • Power density 17.6 W/inch3
  • 150% Overloading capability for 20 seconds
  • <30mW EU - <18mW US no load
  • Pass EMI worldwide
  • Pass Power Factor >0.9
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