Primary Side Boost PFC + LLC Dual Output Controller

Best suited for high efficiency dual output PSU for TV panels, servers, home appliance



EPIC201ACCD is a primary side controller that integrates a boost PFC and an LLC resonant regulator in a single IC, based on proprietary ClassEgg® architecture for high performance dual output power supply units.

Best suited for high-efficiency PSU for home appliance, TV panels, servers, computers.

Enables total peak efficiency > 95%

  • Efficiency of the boost PFC > 98%
  • Efficiency of the LLC > 97%

Package, Size and Pins

6mm x 6mm
40 pins

Available Resources

Key Features

  • Enables peak efficiency > 95%
  • Boost PFC + LLC on a single chip integrated controller
  • Frequency jittering for improved EMI signature
  • Customizable brown-in/brown-out protection
  • Customizable overpower protection

Simplified schematics



  • 238W nominal output power suitable for 55” TV panel
  • 94.5% Peak efficiency
  • > 92% Nominal TV panel working point (75W)
  • Size (uncased) 230 x 270 x 16 mm
  • Power density 3.92 W/inch3
  • 310W peak power condition
  • < 150mW
  • External stand-by signal
  • OVP, OVP, OVC Protection
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