Manufacturing Support

Eggtronic is able to provide manufacturing support for accelerated mass production of custom products based on Eggtronic ICs.

Thanks to a rich network of high-quality contract manufacturers and partners, which are selected and managed by Eggtronic to ensure the respect of customers' constraints and specifications, Eggtronic has OEM / ODM capabilities for production in volume of tailor-made products.

Eggtronic Design Center is ISO9001 certified (link alla pagina Design Center).

Eggtronic manufacturing partners are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified in order to ensure quality and environmental management of the entire manufacturing process.

Off-the-shelf solutions based on proprietary architectures and integrated controllers are also available.

Products made by Eggtronic are fully certified to ensure quality and safety. Tailor-made products are always certified according to customer requirements, in order to be compliant with both mandatory and voluntary certifications.

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