Our commitment
to sustainability

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To know is to change: commitment begins with awareness.

Can research and development in power electronics coexist with environmental sustainability? We posed this question to Up2You, the Italian start-up that has revolutionized the business model of more than 200 companies — including ours — by re-educating them about sustainability.

The answer is yes. You don't need to completely overturn or disrupt your business activities to be sustainable. It's enough to begin with a first, fundamental step: becoming aware of your impact. That is what we have chosen to do. We're both proud of what we've achieved so far, and aware of the challenges that lie ahead.

Eggtronic and carbon neutrality

The process consists of three steps: calculation, compensation and reduction.


To measure our carbon emissions, we gave Up2You data on our operations, from electricity and heating consumption to building energy efficiency levels and employee travel. Up2You's proprietary software then quantified our direct and indirect emissions, grouped them by sector and identified those with the greatest environmental impact.


Offsetting one's carbon dioxide emissions means ensuring that the CO2 produced is reabsorbed. Arboreal vegetation and algae are the most effective and immediate method of absorbing carbon dioxide, through chlorophyll photosynthesis. That is why Eggtronic has chosen to support three reforestation and coastal and microclimate protection projects: the Katingan Peatland Conservation, in Indonesia; the Guanaré Forest, in Uruguay; and Delta Blue Carbon, in Pakistan.

FOREST PRESERVATION Katingan Peatland Restoration and Conservation Project Indonesia
REPLANTING Guanaré Forest Plantation Project Uruguay, Guanaré

The result? In just three months, we offset our entire year's worth of carbon dioxide emissions and achieved carbon neutrality.

Visit our climate page


If offsetting means putting CO2 into the atmosphere and then reabsorbing it, reducing means polluting less.

Reducing emissions is undoubtedly the biggest challenge, as it actively involves the way we do business and the choices we make every day. Whether in logistics, suppliers, transport or energy supply, reducing emissions means assuming that the easiest, most convenient and cheapest solution is almost always the wrong one for the environment.

Meaningful carbon emission reduction is a long, continuous, never-ending process. Though this is only the start, we're glad to share the first steps of our journey with you.