Wireless Power Transfer

Powerful, Eco-Friendly, Position-Free

Typically only suitable for small devices such as smartphones, traditional wireless technologies are inefficient and neither particularly powerful nor environmentally friendly in terms of carbon emissions. The vast majority generate heat (which slows down the charging process), are inconvenient to use as they require very precise positioning, and are both very bulky and expensive.

Eggtronic’s wireless power transfer technologies deliver class-leading efficiency, power levels and features. They can support and enhance existing technologies based on inductive standards such as Qi or implement application-specific capacitive solutions to deliver unique features such as total position freedom. These technologies result in inexpensive, ultra-thin and ultra-cool designs enabling next-generation wireless power to be embedded easily in all electrical and electronic products.


Inductive Wireless Power

< 30W

  • Automotive Qi 1.3 wireless charger with CAN / LIN / NFC
  • Industrial Qi solution including data over power I2C / SPI / UART customizable communication
  • Consumer Qi solutions from 5W to 15W
  • Optional data-over-power
  • Qi Wireless chargers for smart watches, smartphones, home assistants, tablets, small laptop chargers,loudspeakers, LEDs, small home appliances...
  • Consumer, industrial and automotive applications where full compatibility with Qi standard in critical
  • Low cost applications including wireless power solutions for small devices


Inductive Wireless Power

15W - 10kW

  • Up to 95% efficient wireless power transmission
  • Backward compatible with Qi
  • Cool receiver for maximum charging speed
  • Optional single-stage direct AC input power to avoid external power adapter
  • Optional data-over-power at superspeed
  • Wireless power for robots, drones, high-performance gaming laptops, home and kitchen appliances, TV panels, and plug-in hybrid vehicles...
  • Consumer, industrial and automotive applications where performance is fundamental
  • High efficiency, high power wireless solutions, including static wireless power for electric vehicles wireless chargers


Capacitive Wireless Power

1W - 10kW

  • Position-free wireless power transfer
  • Supply multiple devices simultaneously and independently
  • Ultra-thin technology
  • Up to 95% efficient wireless power transmission
  • Optional data-over-power at superspeed
  • Position free wireless power for ecosystems of consumer devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, ...)
  • Wireless chargers for drones and robots
  • Wireless data and power for sensors & actuators in industrial and automotive applications, harsh environments, moving parts
  • Dynamic electric vehicle wireless chargers
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