Position-Free Capacitive Wireless Power and Data Transfer

Eden® capacitive wireless power technology ensures total positional freedom for wireless charging. Long-promised by several competitors, this incredible feature has been made a reality by Eggtronic thanks to the proprietary Eden capacitive wireless matrix. The matrix supplies and charges simultaneously and independently every electric and electronic device, including laptops, TVs, tablets, smartphones, home appliances, ear buds… virtually anything with a battery and Eggtronic’s capacitive receiver technology.

Super-thin wireless technology

Eden is SUPER THIN (less than 0.3mm) and can be easily integrated into every product and surface. Also, because capacitive wireless doesn’t need a non-conductive chassis it can be integrated into both metallic and non-metallic devices. This leaves designers free to choose the material that they want to use for their products.

Eden capacitive wireless power transmission matrix charging simultaneously and independently multiple loads.

Eden is a working prototype and is a future roadmap development.


  • Eggtronic patented topology for capacitive wireless power
  • Single-stage primary: optional AC input or DC input wireless transmitter
  • Single-stage secondary: rectifier + regulator
  • ZVS always guaranteed: not based on resonant tank / not dependent on load


  • Higher power transmission
  • Flat efficiency for different loads (always ZVS)
  • Higher overall efficiency: as efficient as a wired converter
  • Reduced BOM and lower overall cost
  • Very compact solution
  • Better EMI performance
  • High robustness
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